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Accessories for your Golf Cars

Capistrano Golf Cars can provide you with Golf cart covers, Golf cart Wheels, Tires and More.

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Capistrano Golf Cars can customize your Golf Cars with accessories for your Golf Car.

We can also help customize your Golf Car with

Custom Cargo Racks
Custom Cargo Boxes
Custom Tops
4 Passenger Rear Kits

Custom Lift Kits for Golf Carts

Custom Lift Kits for Golf Carts

Customize your Golf Car

Custom Lift Kits

Are you ready to lift your Golf Car? We can help, give us a call.

Golf Cart Batteries

We carry these types of batteries.

6 volt batteries
8 volt batteries
9 volt batteries
12 volt batteries
AGM batteries
Gel batteries
Batteries for Motor Homes

Replacement Battery for Golf Carts

Replacement Batteries for your Golf Carts

Custom Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Custom Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Custom Wheels and Tires for your golf carts Customize your golf cart

Custom Wheels and Tires

If you are looking to replace your Golf Cart Tires with custom wheels and tires we have a selection that will help make your Golf Cart look awesome.

Custom Golf Cart Hub Caps

Customize your golf cart




Golf Cart Covers


Need a cover for your Golf Cart?

Give us a call and we will be happy to fit your Golf Cart with a cover that will help protect your golf cart.


Golf Cart Grills

Customize your Golf Cart Grill with a new custom grill to enhance your golf carts looks.


Golf Cart Covers


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